ABM Data Extraction powered by Xtracta

The new functionality is designed to streamline administration functions and bring new efficiencies to ABM users’ businesses. Functions such as entering and processing supplier invoices and customer orders can now be fully automated. New document workflows are being added continually, with Customer Remittances due to be available shortly. In addition, the system can be customised to handle other documents you may deal with, such as service requests, timesheets and stock requisitions and process them according to your requirements. Please feel free to talk to your local support partner about your individual customisation needs.

Once a document is uploaded or emailed into ABM, its data will be read and it will be available for review and approval into the ABM database in seconds, with a copy of the original document attached. The service can work with scanned, photographed (great for receipts) or digital documents such as PDF or word documents. All data is carefully validated and controls can be set for whether the documents can be processed immediately or require approval. If any information was missing from the document, the user can quickly make the required changes.

Powered by our technology partner Xtracta’s data extraction technology, the feature utilises artificial intelligence (A.I.) to read and comprehend documents in the same manner as humans do. With strong data validation and a powerful machine learning capability, the service is highly accurate and improves over time.


  • Saves time
  • Reduces overheads
  • Improves accuracy


  • Automated processing
  • Optional approval process
  • Customisable for your business processes
  • Process supplier invoices and customer orders, with more documents coming soon