Alchemex / Sage Intelligence Training Courses

Microsoft Excel

Basic Excel Skills For trainees who are not at an intermediate in Microsoft Excel, this course will give you intermediate skills before you a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel before you attempt more advanced training.
Advanced Data Analysis This package is Advanced Training in Data Analysis. The power of Sage Intelligence is included within this Microsoft Excel front-end, and being able to utilize this product effectively is of paramount importance. Not only is Microsoft Excel used for Sage Intelligence, but is heavily required for employees in everyday work.

Sage Alchemex

Using Sage Intelligence ‘Using Sage Intelligence’ is our Basic Level course that teaches trainee’s the basic functions within the software itself. It doesn’t include any Microsoft Excel Training.
Business Intelligence Package This is our intermediate level training package which includes all the courses from “Using Sage Intelligence”as well as the features within the Connector module. It also includes Excel on Steroids training to round out all the skills you need to use Sage Intelligence, but will not teach you to write reports.
Alchemex Certified Professional This is our most advanced training package, where we teach you how to write your own reports from scratch. Not only has this, but having a Alchemex Certified Professional qualification, enabled us to provide your company with a Developer license to lock up your IP for re-sale.