Navigator E-banking

Navigator E-banking is an E-payment tool that has been designed and developed by Navigator Business Software for the Pastel products.

Available for Pastel Evolution, Pastel Partner and Sage 500, the Navigator E-banking program's main purpose is to take make E-Payments to your supplier. It lets you select the dates in which you would like to pay and processes the payments from Pastel Evolution and Pastel Partner into a New Zealand bank format that you can easily upload into your local major bank. This will save you time for those large payment runs.

Additional features have been incorporated into Navigator E-banking for Pastel Evolution.

E-Statements allows you to export your bank statement from your banks website and convert the exported file into a format recognised by Pastel Evolution . You can then import the formatted statement into the programs bank reconciliation, saving you time on entering daily transactions.

Direct Debits is specially made to increase the functionality of your Pastel Evolution Annuity Billings module. After processing your Annuity Billings, E-Banking will let you select the dates required and compile a file in your banks format for processing your Direct Debits. After your Direct Debits have been imported into your bank and processed, E-Banking will take it a step further and Auto Allocate the payments against the invoices. You will be flying through the whole allocation process.

One-Off Payments is designed to save you just the little bit more time. E-Banking will let you process a payment directly into Pastel Evolution without needing to open Pastel Evolution, useful for, well, those One-Off Payments and saving you those few minutes that would’ve been wasted on entering the data a second time into your bank.


Minimum Requirements:



RAM: 512MB