Assisting you with the software that run's your business

Navigator Support* is a team full of experience, they'll provide the know how and the know how it can be done better. The team will do anything to help your business run quicker, smarter and more effecient. With a friendly front-line Help Desk team who are just one phone call away to assist with your 'how to do' questions, that are really getting on top of you, to the Consultant team that will help you with integrating your packages, extra development, setup and much, much more. The Navigator Support team solves a large number of queries using ScreenConnect. ScreenConnect is a remote support tool that helps us, help you and most importantly lets you save! How it works is that you go to our Remote Assistance page,, we will give you a special code to enter, click 'Join' and we will connect to your machine, take control of your mouse and do the work for you. It's almost as if we're standing just behind you

Navigator Help Desk

Navigator Help Desk contract, which is a small annual subscript that offers you access to the Navigator Help Desk (Unlimited phone call, email support, each query comes with 30-minutes free), the Navigator Knowledge Base for 24/7 help, which is updated weekly with the latest guides, step-by-step instructions and point releases, we will also throw in the Navigator E-Banking program for automatic online payments and for Sage 50 Accounts customers the GST Wizard.


At Navigator Software anything is possible, should you want EDI integration into Foodstuffs, Brisco's, Placemakers or other leading brands, we've done it and we can do it for you. We can automate your stock taking process. We can set your business up so that Tim is getting the latest Service Call's straight to his iPhone or iPad from the head office, then have Tim get the customers signiture on the iPhone/iPad to show the work has been completed. Wanting to email all your invoices, statements.. with your logo? Easy. Navigator Software has a highly experienced team and we can do anything that's needed. Just call our friendly team and let them know how Navigator Software can help you





*All support queries are chargeable at the prevailing consulting rate, unless you are a Help Desk customer.